The Littlest Monkey

This is a story about a monkey
Who wasn’t cool, he wasn’t funky
He wasn’t clever, he wasn’t wise
He didn’t have the prettiest eyes

Our monkey was a tiny creature,
That was his one distinguishing feature
He was so very very small,
He often wasn’t noticed at all!

The monkeys loved to race each other
Up one tree and down another
Every day it was the same,
The monkeys played their monkey games

Every day they gave the winner
An extra special treat for dinner
All the monkeys wanted the prize –
A bowl of tasty juicy flies!

But our little monkey wasn’t fast
He always used to come in last
He tried and tried to no avail
Our monkey always seemed to fail

Tears streamed down our monkey’s face
“How will I ever win a race?
Before I finish I’ve been beaten,
And all the nice flies have been eaten!”

One day a wise old monkey said
“Hey listen up, don’t hang your head,
You’ll soon grow up all big and strong,
don’t worry lad, it won’t be long”

Our monkey said “That’s very kind
to say those things but please don’t mind
If I don’t believe your words at all,
I always will be far too small!”

As time went on our monkey grew
The wise old monkey’s words came true
Before he’d noticed it at all,
Our little monkey wasn’t small

His fur got dark, his arms grew longer,
His tail got thick, his legs got stronger
He started to climb the trees much faster
and as for racing – he was the master!

One day as our monkey sat in the sun
Eating the flies that he’d just won
He spotted a monkey in a tree,
The littlest monkey he’d ever seen

Tears rolled down the monkeys face
As he said “I’ll never win a race,
I couldn’t even beat a snail”
So our monkey said: “Let me tell you a tale…”

(c) Rich Clarkson 2010


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