Second Chance

I’ve often wondered whether, given a second chance,
I’d not just do the same thing as before?
Whether the benefit of hindsight or a change in circumstance
has made any kind of difference at all?

Sometimes, in an idle moment, I wonder how it would play out
if I had to go and do it all again.
But for all I’ve grown in wisdom, and for all I’ve learned about
the world, I know my weaknesses remain.

Now I could find this depressing, let it creep into my mind,
watch bitterness and self-doubt grow apace,
or I could, when sat reflecting, be honest about what I find
accept my flaws and surrender to grace.

Mistakes? they make us human. Regrets? they help us learn.
A backwards step can help us to advance.
We none of us are perfect, however hard we yearn
so go on, give yourself a second chance!

© Rich Clarkson, July 2016


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